STAT KIT® 750 Emergency Medical Kit

STAT KIT® 750 Emergency Medical Kits provide a comprehensive set of medications and devices in a mobile, durable and secure hard-case. It is organized for quick access into sections and medication trays, all clearly labeled and categorized into key areas of care. It allows the caregiver to provide BLS, ACLS and PALS and provides secure storage for an optional AED. STAT KIT® 750 includes Banyan’s KMCA Refill System, which monitors and automatically replaces expiring medications, ensuring that your STAT KIT is ready for a medical emergency.

STAT KIT® 750 is ideal for emergency care in outpatient medical facilities, office-based medical practices and for all-weather medical response. Specialized models are configured for outpatient imaging, ambulatory surgery and for the office-based medical practice, including internal medicine, family practice and a wide range of medical specialties.

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STAT KIT 750 Emergency Medical Kits feature a watertight, crushproof and mobile hard-case, which is designed to withstand environmental extremes and provide secure storage for medications and devices. It includes:

  • Wheels and extending handle for mobility
  • Compatible with locks and security seals
  • Highly durable construction with watertight and dust-proof gaskets
  • Automatic ambient pressure equalization valve
  • Trigger release latch system

Dimensions 10.5” high, 22” wide, 17.5” deep
Weight 44 lbs with contents

Some STAT KIT emergency medical kit medications or devices may not be available due to supply availability. Banyan places these items on back order, and ships the medical kits without backordered items. We then ship the items to the customer as soon as they are available.

Your STAT KIT’s medications will always be up-to-date and ready for use

STAT KIT® 750 Emergency Medical Kits include the Keep-Me-Current-Automatic (KMCA) program, which reduces costs, maximizes medication shelf life, ensures readiness and gives you time to focus on your patients. KMCA will track the contents of your STAT KIT and automatically ship you replacement medications before they expire. With every refill a pre-addressed envelope for safe disposal-by-mail of your unused medications. You will be invoiced for replacement medications at retail prices.

Responsible Disposal of Medications and Medical Waste

STAT KIT® 750 Emergency Medical Kits include a 1 Qt Sharps Disposal Container and a pre-paid, pre-addressed return box. This makes the proper disposal of used needles, syringes and devices easier where Sharps disposal containers may not be available. In addition, all replacement medication shipments include a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope for safe and easy disposal-by-mail of unused medications.


Choose the STAT KIT® 750 model configured for your type of practice

STAT KIT® 750 Emergency Medical Kit

Office-Based Medical Practice & All-Weather Remote Deployment

Ideal for internal medicine, family practice and all other medical specialties. This STAT KIT is also fit for all-weather remote deployment.


STAT KIT® 750-AI Emergency Medical Kit

STAT KIT® 750 Emergency Medical Kits provide a comprehensive set of medications and devices in a mobile, durable and secure

Optimized for ease-of-use, the 750-AI adds a pediatric epinephrine auto-injector to the STAT KIT 750’s set of medications.


STAT KIT® 750-R Emergency Medical Kit

Radiology & Outpatient Imaging Facility

Includes medications and devices that meet the American College of Radiology Manual on Contrast Media (Managing Medical Emergencies).


STAT KIT® 750-S Emergency Medical Kit

Ambulatory Surgery Facility

Includes medications and devices that meet AAAASF requirements for emergency medical kits in ambulatory surgery facilities.




Add an AED to your STAT KIT® 750

The STAT KIT® case will accomodate the Heartsine and Philips AED models.

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