STAT KIT® 550 emergency medical kit


The STAT KIT® 550 emergency medical kit is equipped to keep a medical practice or facility prepared for a medical emergency, yet lightweight and portable for physician use at home or during travel. It provides a basic set of medications and devices for triage, medication delivery, trauma care and resuscitation.

The STAT KIT 550 is designed for a wide range of clinical disciplines, and the KMCA program will keep the medications up to date. This emergency medical kit does not include IV or ACLS medications.

STAT KIT® 550 includes:

• Adult-dose epinephrine auto injector
• Epinephrine 1:1000 1mg/mL ampule (2)
• Diphenhydramine 1mL vial (2)
• Diphenhydramine oral tablet (2)
• Albuterol inhaler
• Aspirin 2-pack (2)
• Nitroglycerin spray
• Oral glucose gel
• Naloxone 1mL vial (2)
• Ammonia inhalants (2)

Medication Delivery

• 1cc syringes (2)
• 3cc syringes
• Set of syringe needles
• Alcohol prep pads (2)


Triage and Personal Protection

• Tourniquet
• Compression wound dressing
• Gauze sponges (2)
• Self-Adherent conforming wrap
• Shears
• Hypoallergenic tape
• Eye wash kit
• Emergency thermal blanket

Triage and Personal Protection

• Sphygmomanometer
• Stethoscope
• Nitrile gloves (pair) (3)
• Eye protection (2)

Trauma Care

• Bag-Valve-Mask Resuscitator with Adult Mask
• Oropharyngeal airway set

Lightweight and portable


Dimensions 5.25” high, 13” wide, 10” deep
Weight 5 lbs with contents


Store at room temperature. See drug manufacturer patient inserts for specific storage guidelines.


KMCA will keep your medications up to date


The STAT KIT® 550 includes the Keep-Me-Current-Automatic (KMCA) program, which:

  • Ensures your medications are up to date
  • Reduces costs
  • Maximizes medication shelf life

The KMCA program will track, free of charge, the contents of your STAT KIT® 550 and automatically ship replacement medications. It also provides a pre-addressed envelope for safe disposal by mail of unused medications. You will be billed for replacement medications and the disposal envelope at the time of shipment.


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Add an AED to your STAT KIT® 550


Add a Pediatric Epinephrine Auto-Injector to your STAT KIT® 550

Statkit 550
Designed to keep your practice or facility equipped for a medical emergency.


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