Auto-Replenish Emergency Medications, Supplies Through OnTraq

STAT KITS® and Enrolled Crash Carts Are Automatically Included

The OnTraq automated replenishment program tracks the expiration dates of emergency medications and supplies in your emergency medical kit or crash cart and prompts replacement shipments prior to their expiration. This free service (you pay only for the refills) helps you maximize shelf life through just-in-time management of your medications and supplies that have an expiry date.

Value of Auto-Replenishment

Because medications and some emergency supplies have a limited shelf life, near-continuous monitoring is required to ensure you’re ready in event of a medical emergency. Through OnTraq, you can see the status of your medications, manage upcoming refill shipments, and easily manage your account, saving you time while keeping you compliant.

How OnTraq Auto-Replenishment Program Works

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Will I Receive Refills?

The first refill shipment will occur just before the first expiration of a medication in your STAT KIT® or Crash Cart. All refill shipments will be consolidated to include the expiring drug, plus any additional medications or supplies that will expire within 60 days of the refill shipment.

What Does the Service Cost?

There is NO extra charge for the auto-replenishment program. Medications and equipment are tracked and will be automatically replaced just prior to expiration. You pay only for the cost of the replaced medications and/or supplies shipped. With every medication refill, you will also receive a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope for safe disposal-by-mail of your unused medications. Shipments and invoices will be sent directly from HealthFirst.

What if I Purchased From An Authorized Reseller?

OnTraq still will track and replace expiring medications. After the initial purchase, all refills, billing and customer support will be provided by HealthFirst. As a licensed drug wholesaler and re-packager, HealthFirst has the unique ability to replace medications in the low unit of measure quantities needed for the STAT KITs and Crash Carts.

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