Your STAT KIT® Emergency Medical Kit includes Banyan’s Medication Tracking and Auto-Refill Service

Banyan's KMCA (Keep-Me-Current-Automatic) ensures that your medications are always up-to-date


Banyan’s Keep-Me-Current-Automatic (KMCA) tracks the contents of your STAT KIT® Emergency Medical Kit and automatically replaces medications before they expire. With every medication refill you will also receive a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope for safe disposal-by-mail of your unused medications.


Why does my STAT KIT® need KMCA?

Because all medications have a limited shelf life, it is important that they are tracked and replaced before they expire in order to ensure that your STAT KIT® is ready for a medical emergency. An up-to-date emergency medical kit may also be required to pass an accreditation audit.

How does KMCA work?


How often will I receive refill shipments?

The first KMCA refill shipment will occur just before the first expiration of a medication in your STAT KIT®. All refill shipments will include the expiring drug, plus any additional medications that expire within 60 days.


Is there an additional cost for KMCA?

With each refill shipment, Banyan will invoice for the cost of replacement medications, a disposal-by-mail envelope for unused medications, shipping and handling.


What if I purchased from an authorized reseller?

Even if you purchased your STAT KIT® from an authorized reseller, Banyan will track and replace expiring medications. After the initial purchase, all refills, billing and customer support will come from Banyan.*

*As a licensed drug wholesaler and repackager, Banyan has the ability to replace medications in the quantities needed for the STAT KIT®