Let us maintain your crash cart or your emergency medical kit

Register for our FREE Keep Me Current (KMC) service and relieve the headaches associated with tracking your medication and device expiration dates. Banyan saves you time and money by notifying you via Email or fax 30 days prior to an upcoming expiration date. You have No-Obligation to purchase from us, but Banyan stands ready to replenish the expired medication at the best price possible.

One-Time Registration is Easy!

1. Provide your Contact Information
2. Submit the Form
3. Login and enter the Lot Number
    and Expiration Date of all the
    medication you wish us to track
Why is this Valuable?

• Maximize Medication Shelf-Life
• Never Worry About
    Missing Deadlines
• Stay Current and Compliant
• Save Staff Time and Money
• Be Prepared for an Emergency
• The Service is FREE
Important Benefit
If you currently purchase medications from Banyan it is not necessary for you to enter these medications via our secure form. All medications purchased from Banyan are already tracked by our system.