STAT KIT® Emergency Medication Management (EMM)

Never worry again about your emergency medical kits being outdated or receiving invoices for replacement emergency medications.

The STAT KIT® Emergency Medication Management (EMM) Program offers you a predictable expense and less wasted product. With STAT KIT® EMM you get automatic replenishment of all your emergency medications and devices prior to expiration for a flat quarterly or yearly fee. The fee also includes replacement of medications used in a medical emergency (up to two per year), all shipping, processing and medication disposal fees, and replacements for any manufacturer short-dated drugs.

STAT KIT EMM can help you stay compliant with American Heart Association Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) guidelines without retrofitting or disposing your old emergency medical kits.

EMM Benefits

  • Saves time spent sourcing individual medications
  • Saves money over having to purchase in flats/lots (bulk quantity)
  • Keeps medications current and up to date
  • Eliminates the extra cost of manufacturer short-dated drugs
  • Online kit medication status and account dashboard (OnTraq) included
  • Reduces inspection errors
  • Ensures compliance and helps with audits

Program Pricing

STAT KIT model   Annual Price   Quarterly Price
550   $945   $239
650   $1,795   $449
750   $1,695   $425
750-R   $1,695   $425
750-S   $1,695   $425
750- AI   $1,895   $475
Z-1000   $1,695   $425
STAT KIT Pedi   $1,295   $325
STAT KIT Pedi w/ Intubation
  $1.595   $409


Sign Up for Emergency Medication Management

Call a HealthFirst representative at 800-331-1984 or submit your information and we will contact you within one business day.