Crash Cart Auto-Replenishment Program

Get help with the time-consuming, labor-intensive process of maintaining your medical emergency crash cart with OnTraq automated crash cart medication replenishment. Reduce the risk of patient safety events and Joint Commission audits by ensuring you meet JHACO crash cart requirements. By improving the efficiency and reliability of the crash cart, and preventing unnecessary delays, you can improve patient outcomes following a crisis event.

How Crash Cart Auto-Replenishment Works
OnTraq inventories your crash cart contents, tracks your emergency cart medications and equipment and automatically replenishes them before they expire. At any time, you can see the status of your crash cart medications and manage your account through OnTraq.


  • Your staff can spend time on more productive tasks than manually checking and replacing your crash cart medications
  • Streamlined, online account management through OnTraq
  • Eases the burden of meeting applicable government and accreditation standards
  • Replace only what you need – HealthFirst sells in low units of measure
  • Automatically monitor national drug backorder status
  • Prepaid return of your unused medication for disposal

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