Required state regulatory information and manufacturer information

HealthFirst CA Compliance Statement 2015 Hospira Ampule Safety Precautions Important Drug Warning: Solu-Medrol® September 2017


Regulatory Information

Invoice or statement prices may reflect or be subject to a bundled discount or rebate pursuant to a purchase offer, promotion, or discount program. Purchasers must fully and accurately report any discounts, rebates or other price reductions (“Discounts”) to Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and any other federal or State program upon request by any such program. You must claim the benefit of these Discounts in the fiscal year in which the Discounts are earned, or the following year. Accordingly, you should retain any documentation, including promotions, your invoice or purchase order, of Discounts. It is your responsibility to review any agreement or other documents, including offers or promotions, applicable to the invoiced products/prices to determine if your purchase(s) are subject to any Discounts. Any such Discounts must be calculated pursuant to the terms of the applicable purchase offer, promotion, or Discount program. Unless otherwise indicated to calculate the applicable Discount on the items included in the bundle, divide the total value of any no-charge items (unit prices as disclosed on flyer/invoice or view list price on web site by the total amount for the bundled purchase (bundle price as disclosed on flyer/invoice), and apply the resulting percentage equally to each item to determine net prices. Participating in a promotional discount program (e.g., points, discount redemptions or other special awards) is only permissible in accordance with discount program rules. By participation in such program, you agree that, to your knowledge, your practice complies with the program requirements.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets now located in OnTraq

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