Healthfirst Aviation


About HealthFirst Aviation

HealthFirst Aviation is a pioneer in Aviation Emergency Preparedness. Through a partnership with United Airlines and the recommendations of our independent Medical Advisory Board, HealthFirst designed and manufactured the first kits specifically for in-flight medical emergencies.

Our kits became the FAA standard when Emergency Medical Kits were made a requirement on all commercial passenger aircraft in 2001.

Our facility is an FAA Part 145 Repair Station, specializing entirely in Emergency Medical Kit manufacturing, refurbishing and recertification. We also service all air approved Automatic External Defibrillators. HealthFirst provides the required FAA Form 8130 with each refurbished kit or AED.

HealthFirst is also licensed by the FDA and DEA to repackage and refill pharmaceuticals that are required in the kits.


FAA Approved Kit

HealthFirst's Enhanced Emergency Medical Kit exceeds all of the current FAA guidelines for Airline Emergency Medical Kits. It’s a compact, light- weight soft cased Enhanced EMK. Weighing only 8 lbs., the HealthFirst EEMK is one of the most recognizable kits in commercial aviation safety.

Custom Kitting Options

HealthFirst is FDA approved to manufacture custom kits to your specifications.

Many of our airline partners have enhanced their Emergency Medical kits.The addition of epinephrine auto-injector (EpiPen) for anaphylaxis, Naloxone opioid reversal and flumazenil for benzodiazapene reversal. Let HealthFirst know what your needs are. We will work together to enhance passenger safety and reduce unnecessary diversions with the lowest possible increase in cost, size and weight.

Diversion Prevention

HealthFirst understands that airlines incur costs for diversions, fuel, maintenance and downstream schedule interruptions... not to mention passenger inconvenience.

Diversions frequently occur because of incomplete information about the passengers' condition. Our kits are designed to provide the responding healthcare professional with the very best diagnostic tools available.

Our kit contents are regularly reviewed by an Independent Medical Advisory Board. Recommendations are shared with and approved by our airline partners.

Incident Analysis

Incident Analysis is a free value-added service to all of our airline partners. Incident Reports are reviewed by an Independent Medical Advisory Board.

By studying patterns of incident type, actions of responders and passenger outcomes, HealthFirst can continue to improve kit contents, better protect your travelers and prevent unnecessary diversions.